Sunday, November 8, 2009

This weekend..horses and fun..

Steeplechase was this weekend in Georgia. I didn't really know what that meant.
Being from Kentucky, I knew it involved horses.
I thought they would be running around a track.
They did....sort of.
I did not know we would be right next to them. That was amazing.
I did not know how many rednecks would be there. WOW.
i'm sad you couldn't see them. you would've loved it.
but then there were a couple big money you see the lady in the hat? She was walking along the inside of the fence (where the horses are) stumbling...saying in a thick Georgia accent, "Just how do I get over this fence? Some(wonnn) is gon' to hav' to bringgg' me a chaairr." Oh high society south. the entitlement. Poor looks like a bird crashed on her head, no wonder she wanted to climb the fence.
so back to these races...The horses jumped over large hurdles. I sound ignorant, which I sort of am. My mom used to participate in the sport when she was young, so she will be embarrassed of my lack of knowledge. Seriously..the depth of my knowledge involves playing soccer on the 'horsepark' fields in kentucky! It was awesome! I loved watching it. We ended up with awesome front row (fence side) seats because some executive failed to show up for his good parking spot. Thank you, lazy executive.

we played some fun college-style games....corn hole and redneck golf. both seemed to keep the boys entertained while we ate and shopped. I scored a cute watch while we were there. The boys were a bit impatient with the chatting happening during cornhole. we were playing couples and the girls were taking the games a bit less than serious. Wouldn't you?

So, we didn't go see the Fitz this weekend, but I couldn't leave them out. This weekend was Adam and Ethan's birthday. They are old. Too old. 7. I think?! Oh gosh, I've been away too long. We got to see them a couple weeks ago and they are more fun than ever! I love running and playing with those guys! If Mel had a blog, you would read it every day. She is just the best. She's so much the best that she has no time for a blog. :) Then there is me, up way too late...just to blog :)

I am planning to send them a candygram this week as a belated gift...

Who has time to make it to the post office during real hours anyway?? Not me!
Wednesday off for Veteran's bonus of working on a military post!

Have a great week!!

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  1. I love your shout out to the Kentucky Horsepark Soccer fields. I wish we could calculate how many hours we spent there during our childhood. What a fun weekend you guys had!!