Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The best cookies EVER? Quite possibly...

This pumpkin shows very well how I feel about chocolate chip cookies. The pumpkin feels my joy :)

I found out that a million people on the web make claims to have "THE BEST" chocolate chip cookies. So, naturally, I had to figure out the winner. Obviously, when I hear this claim..that someone has the "best cookies ever", I look upon them cynically. Very cynically. Cookies are not something to joke about. To lie about. To mess with. I take them seriously. Well, as seriously as you can take several sticks of butter, lots of sugar and some eggs and flour. I have tried them all, and I can tell the difference between full fat and a cookie made with substitutions. I can see a good 'undercooked center, but crisp on the outside" coookie a mile away. I don't settle for a so-so cookie. So, I am always on the lookout for the ultimate YUMMY cookie recipe. i have tried oatmeal chcolate chip. I have tried several of Hungry Girl's recipes...(She is AMAZING)...but nothing could satisfy. It's like the urge to have these awesome cookie just could not be satisfied by anything else. Aren't I supposed to feel that sort of unabashed love for my savior alone? Imagine, meeting the Lord and saying...well, "I loved you, and I loved cookies". Seriously, not that great to joke about ...since it is pretty true :)

I digress. This cutie blogger claims to have THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. I think, "Okay, I've heard this before". Then I read her post and realized she is pretty awesome and admits all this up front. Does it get any better? it does. I made the cookies. And she didn't lie!! They are the best! Not just good. or great. But THE BEST. Read her post, then get yourself out to make these. They ROCK.

This is not a joke. Go into your kitchen now and make them. SO GOOD.

Then, write about it on your your kitchen. I like to write menus there. Or fun quotes. Inspired notes to my spouse. Sometimes Brandon gets you see in these lyrics he wrote. This is mine..

You don't have one? It truly is SUPER easy. My hubby framed mine in with molding, but Martha Stewart painted a whole wall. .Sometimes it's fun to just do a cabinet. Make one! Check out these fun inspirations at design sponge. If you've never been there...there are ALWAYS fun inspirations there!! Then there is just can't ever leave Martha out.
I better go to bed. Long, fun day ahead tomorrow!


  1. I made a chalkboard from an old mirror for our kitchen. We love it!!!

    And those cookies look amazing!

  2. #1) Thank you so much for calling me a "cutie blogger" <-This is a first and I will treasure the title always!

    #2) I am so glad you love my chocolate chip cookies. They are no mess, aren't they?

    #3) I loved reading this post, it really did make me laugh outloud!


    PS: Is there a way to subscribe to it?