Monday, October 1, 2012

The cutest ones.

I hope you enjoy these. Just the cutest kids around.
My little Finn. Turns one tomorrow.
Emma Jane, almost 2 and a half.
Eli, turns 2 in December.
Emma Jane is not mine, biologically. Nor do I have custody of her.
She is my best friend Rebecca's little girl.  
I loved on this girl while I was pregnant with Briar.
She was healing for me in so many ways....
Rebecca had lots several pregnancies before EJ came along.
She knew loss.
It was a beautiful, messy time.

These sweet boys...and our fave girl.
Way back when...about two and a half years ago...I was pregnant with a little boy named Briar, and our sweet friend Emma Jane was born. My best friend Rebecca was walking through a crazy life change. And one of the only ways I could love on her, and find peace in my loss with Briar...was to take photos of Emma Jane.

So, every month, we took photos. I learned so much about taking photos from her. She is such a sweet girl. Her mom is even sweeter. There was something about doing these photos that made everything seem okay.

After a tough walk through a difficult path...Rebecca has found an amazing daddy to Emma Jane and a husband to walk alongside her in life. We introduced them (not to take all the credit, but...), and we couldn't be happier.

I personally think Emma Jane might marry a younger man and go for Finn.  They sure were holding hands a lot during this shoot.  Mr.Whitis wasn't feeling like making boys smile...he wasn't feeling particularly like a morning we don't have many of my boys smiling :)  Rebecca was a smile making machine.  So we have many of Emma Jane's tooth grin! 
To see these two next to each other now just makes me tear up. I didn't know if I would even have a child anywhere near her age.  I continue to feel shocked at the goodness of the Lord in the midst of details that are too hard for me to work out.
And then there are all three.  Sweet Eli is such a smiley little man...but NEVEr in photos. AGH!

Blurry, but this was the best it got for my sweet oldest boy!!

Eli looks like he is bossing someone around.  
He probably is. :)

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  1. Wow! You are so talented. I am so blessed to call you BFF. Love you lady!