Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eli's Laughs, so sweet.

Oh my goodness. This little man blesses me so much.  He is so sweet.  He has a laugh that will make you melt.

You can hear in the background how they are discussing how much change Eli has made since we arrived.
(PS, I see that his pants are falling down..) She mentioned "you had to really work for it, but it's working now...". Eli was not quick to befriend us :) but once he did, we had such a great time together. We will fight for him in Georgia. For the rest of his life we will fight to let him know how much we love him.

It is CRAZY the picture of the gospel that adoption is.
Think of it this way.
God LOVES US, ALWAYS. Before we knowhim, God knows us. He loves us, he accepts us fully.  He longs for us to show him just the tiniest bit of love back.  Often we accept him, show him love....and then over time, or love fades, because we find things that entertain us more.

My sweet Eli.  I loved him so much before I even met him.  I accepted him fully.  I longed for him to love me back.  He would show me just a tiny bit of Love.  Then more and more.  Then, when he had finally showed us love and I thought we were over the hump, the next day....he sort of switched back to the whiny version of himself.  Who didn't love me as much :)  Oh Jesus, how I realize my sin when I look into the eyes of this sweet boy.  HE IS NOT SINNING....but he makes me realize how I SIN when I ignore my father in heaven....who loves me enough to DIE for ME.  I take him for granted. Oh, how my father longs for me to live my life for him.  This sweet Eli is doing so much for ME already.  I am so glad I am his mom.

For the road, a video of his dad...

This photo was taken the first day we had Eli with us.  Eli's given name is Yosef.  They often call him Yosi.  To get him to smile, they call him "Yosi Yosi" or sometimes just "Yos" prononuced "Yose" (yuh-ose) or (Yuh-osi)  This sweet boy has the softest, sweetest skin.  I can't think about him being there without me.  I pray for him, but I can't think about reality. I want to puke.

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  1. Love, love, love!!! I'll be praying that day comes quickly for you all to be together!

  2. Basically just read your entire blog from the facebook link...oh my, have I gotten teary this Monday morning! Blessings to you and your family! Praying Eli is in your arms again so very soon!

  3. dear HOLY GOODNESS brookie, these updates are making me smile and cry and feel so humbled {in the best way possible}. tell b i can't believe eli let him kiss him with that BEARD. that must mean he seriously loves you. ;) love love LOVE you all, oh so much!

  4. So so sweet! I hope you all are a family of four soon. Such a beautiful little guy, I can't help smiling with those sweet videos. :)