Saturday, October 1, 2011

41 weeks, one day :)

Well, now that we are 41 weeks, 1 day...I have given Finn this..

He is EVICTED.  but he is not listening.
Just like my renters in North carolina didn't listen when we tried to evict them. They just left in the night...and didn't tell we had to wait for it to be the legal amount of days to legally rent that house out again.  I wish Finn would just leave in the night.  Any night.
Tonight, maybe?
But he is happy...look at him...
finn 41 weeks

If you have facebook, you have already seen this, but Brandon and I decided to run the Mogadishu Mile today.  It was a 5k to commemorate and remember the 19 Rangers who died during the Black Hawk Down mission in Mogadishu 18 years ago.  Now, by run, I really mean walk/run. :)  Every time there was a down hill, we ran :) We also ran the first half mile.  So...finishing in about 45 minutes.  I always feel a little lame finishing in such a slow time...but it was super fun to see lots of our old friends from Ranger Bat...and the run was just a good time!
b&b 41 weeks
b&b41 weeks 2 closeup
And spending time with this guy just makes me happy!!  My hubby is just an amazing man. So supportive and sweet and kind.  He is awesome, and I know he is going to be the BEST dad to our boys.  He is equally excited to get our referral for Eli as he is to meet Finn...and I agree. I am glad that the Lord has placed adoption in our hearts, and has kept us excited about it even through this pregnancy!

So, hopefully any day now I will be in the hospital to meet him.  They won't let me go past next that is the light at the end of my tunnel! :)

gray ric rac copy


  1. I cannot believe how much you're doing!! You're putting me to shame, girl! You look great and so does Finn - he's getting nice and chubby in there - I ♥ chubby babies. He looks super comfy though, why would he want to come out? I'll pray it's tonight! Can't wait to see how cute he is on the outside!

  2. Amazing that you ran! Just a question on your t-shirt? I don't understand? Give war a chance? As in, war is good? Sorry - but confused about the message.

  3. Love that you ran a 5K and now baby Finn is here! I took an internet hiatus (facebook/email) and missed the "grand entrance"! LOL But we are SO happy & excited that he is here!!!

  4. we are eagerly awaiting an UPDATE in blogland, woman! surely finn has made his debut?!