Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots of Momma Questions...

Well, you're always told to ask people who are more experienced.
And most people who read this blog are moms.
I get so confused about all this baby stuff.
And I know everyone has a different experience with all of it.
But, the questions I have are endless.
I want to begin registering, because we are having a shower at my school in a couple weeks.
But I feel so CLUELESS!

If you feel like it...answer one of these in the comment section.

1.  Does the brand/type/etc. of breast pump really matter? There is one that is $279 and claims to be super quiet, one for $329...then various others for cheaper.  Anyone breast feed and have tips on this? Here are some I found at Target. 

2.  Has anyone had an upholstered glider?  Did you like it? Is it worth it? I really want one that looks like an armchair so that we can keep it when kids are getting older... any tips or ideas about this?

3.  Does anyone have a BOB Duallie jogging stroller? They cost $650.  I know that is a ridiculous amount of money for a stroller.  I have heard that they have an incredible 'push' and they are just awesome.   I found a DUALLIE on Craigslist for $450.  I am tempted to buy it (almost new condition), but I have heard from several people that the Schwinn Grand Turismo is pretty nice. and very comparable to the bob for much less.  It is $289.  Any thoughts on this? I will be jogging and moving with my kids a lot...but I don't know that I need a $650 stroller...Better yet, does anyone want to sell me a used one? :)


4.  Has anyone tried cloth diapers? I am so tempted...but also very much not... :)  We do not have a wash sink, so I am afraid of it being disgusting and time consuming. But in the interest of saving the environment and money (more the latter), I am interested. I was looking at g reusable diapers...just curious if anyone had tried it and had feedback?

5.  What about diaper bags? I am sort of an 'overpacker'....but I don't want a bag that is too huge...

I like this one (and it seems like it might be big enough), but I like this one better.  I think that from reading the reviews, I need a bag that will CLOSE, and the second one doesn't. Thoughts? Reviews? :)

If you care enough to give me feedback, then I really like you.  Because I'm so clueless. I don't know about baby stuff.  

As I write, I feel this little man, sweet Finn, kicking me LIKE CRAZY.  It feels so good (at 21 weeks) because I haven't been feeling him too much up until now.  So, Praise God tonight.  Brandon is in the field. He is gone. And I am feeling this baby to fill the void. :)

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  1. Hey Brooke-

    I'm a lactation counselor and would be happy to talk breastpumps with you. It really does matter what kind of pump you buy and what kind you buy will depend on your situation. (502) 819-9205.

    Also, we cloth diaper our kids. We love it. I would not recommend the G-diapers because you have to rip them open after they are dirty and swish them in the toilet with a stick. Ew. Gross.

  2. For a breast pump, I went with Medela. It was wonderful (and expensive) so I'm sure not so expensive ones would have been great as well. But, the hospital I delivered at used Medela, so they were able to give me some parts for mine, and, I was able to buy a battery pack that came with it, which made pumping in Ethiopia much easier. :) (Which you may just be doing yourself) :)

    The only other question I feel somewhat knowledgeable on is the diaper bag. Because you'll have two little ones in diapers like I currently do, I could relate to this one! I ended up getting two diaper bags. . . one for each child. Okay, so totally unecessary, and I only use one, and put both sized diapers in it. So my recommendation is to buy one oversized diaper bag and put both of your boy's stuff in it. That seems to work better than hauling two bags around.

  3. Sweet Brooke, I'm so happy that we're going to get to do this mama thing together!

    I used a very inexpensive breast pump and it didn't work well at all...I ended up not pumping because it was so frustrating and then once she stopped nursing so frequently I couldn't pump at all. The result? No one else could feed J for the first year of her life. This time we'll be purchasing one that has great reviews so that I can have a night off every now and again. :)

    We have an upholstered glider in our living room and we really like it. It's super comfy, an extra seat when not being used for baby purposes, and it wasn't that expensive (Babies R Us with a sale, a coupon, and a rebate).

    I can't speak to the jogging stroller because, as much as we wanted to, we never splurged on that. Maybe this time!

    We're planning to try cloth diapering with our new little one. I've heard that once you get a good system going, then they're not that difficult and totally worth the savings! I'm still researching the different types. I've heard great things about Bum Genius.

    Oh diaper bags...We had a huge bag and it drove me crazy (because, as you know, I also carry a huge purse). I found it easier to carry a smaller bag with the essentials and keep extra things that you might need in the car (i.e., snacks, extra diapers, sunscreen, etc...) We have a tupperware with a lid that just stays in our car. I definitely recommend one that closes, however, because once little man gets curious you'll be cleaning up the contents of the bag a million times a day or you'll slam on the breaks and fling stuff all over your car.

    Too much information? Probably! :)

  4. So glad I kept reading and noticed you were considering cloth diapers!! Before I get too carried away here are my answers:

    1. Looks like you already have a lactation consultant - so I'll leave that up to the professional. I've only used Medela and it was borrowed. I know some people think it is gross - but it saved us $$.

    2. We actually made it without a glider/rocker.

    3. Jogger - I have no idea.

    4. CLOTH DIAPERS!! I could go on and on. Maybe when you're in town I can show you my stash and how easy they are to use. :) Here are the diapers that we use (can be found on
    - Flip with stay dry insert and organic insert. I use these most of the time.
    - Bumgenius one size. I bought these for hubby since they are more userfriendly. Velcro tabs make for ease like disposable diapers.
    - Fuzzi Bunz I like how trim and soft these are.

    As far as finding a diaper that fits for baby, Jenny Ely Borders gave me the best advice - try a few different brands since they are all made differently. One brand may not fit well if baby has skinny or chunky legs.
    I'll try to give you the run down in a nutshell:
    -When breastfeeding, poopy diapers can go straight into the pail - no need to spray/clean off poop before washing.
    -When baby starts on solids, no need to swish & dunk the poopies...just spray off! They make a diaper sprayer that attaches to the toilet. Then just plop into your pail. I keep a hanging diaper bag/pail on the doorknob in my bathroom. You can find it at
    -Wash diapers at least 2x a week - other wise mold and mildew can set in...I learned that the hard way.
    -Washing routines vary - find something that works for you. Basically toss diapers into short, cold wash - no detergent. Then long, hot wash with 1/2 detergent. Finally, one rinse. All inserts can go into dryer. Diaper covers can - but to prolong the elastic and laminate lining, I line dry all of my covers. During the summer I line dry everything! The sun does magic with getting out stains.

    We didn't attempt cloth diapers until Isaac was 1month old. We took the month to get adjusted to being new parents. Even when we started cloth, they were just a tad too big. Brands do make 'newborn' sizes, but we went for the one diaper is 4 different sizes to change as the child grows.

    I got started on cloth because I noticed Jenny Ely Borders did (saw pics on facebook w/the twins). Jessica Adkins Voight also uses cloth diapers (both ladies from our graduating class).

    We have spent about $400 on cloth diapers. You can get by with less, but I have a slight addiction. :) I can't wait to see the savings rack up when we get to use them with the next kid!

    Something to keep in mind is if your kids will go to daycare/sitter, etc. Will the facility or person use cloth. I do know there are parents out there who use cloth at home, but disposables with care takers.

    If you want to read up more, here is a blog/forum I subscribe to. They have daily articles about cloth diapering.


    oops here is the blog I read daily

  6. Hey Brooke! I'm no expert, but I've gleaned lots of wisdom from the tons of mommas around me. And I've learned a lot in the first 14 months of motherhood.
    1. We went with Medela. Definitely would listen to a Lactation Consultant's advice on this. And all my friends recommended getting a double pump to shorten the amount of time spent pumping. Definitely feel like I got my money's worth & I was home full-time with lil man.
    2. We have a glider- don't know what we'd do without it. If you can afford a nice upholstered one- go for it! Especially if it has a footrest & is able to recline. (Our doesn't recline, but I often wish it did!)
    3. We have an InStep single jogger and we love it. It was cheap, but has the front swivel wheel, which was important for me. It's SO much easier to steer, and the wheel can lock if you want to run. (Which I rarely feel the urge to do. lol) But I do have a friend who has twins who LOVES her Bob, pretty sure she found hers on craigslist too.
    4. Cloth Diapers- we've been cloth diapering Jonah for over a year & I cannot imagine how much money we've saved! And it is way easier that I thought it would be. Wouldn't recommend the G diapers- cover isn't waterproof like reg. cloth diapers PUL covers, so it can leak all over their clothes. I have several blog posts about cloth dipes that you can check out:
    5. My only advice on diaper bags is I love lots of pockets! And I've already switched bags like 3 times. Right now I'm using a big ol' purse I found on sale that has lots of pockets & I love it.
    6. I LOVE the name Finn!! I don't think I'd heard it yet! So sweet!

  7. Hi Brooke!! I recommend the Medela breastpump too! I had a cheapo with Brighton and it didn't work at all. When Lily was born I got a Pump in Style and I loved it! Unfortunately I sold it after Lilah was born because I thought we were done. This time I have bought a Medela Swing which only does one side at a time but for as much as I will need to pump that is fine with me.
    I can't help with the glider or the jogging stroller as we don't own either one of those. We have a rocking recliner in the living room that I use.
    We did cloth diaper with Lilah! Only when we were at home, which was most of the time. I did put her in disposables when we left the house. I plan on doing the same again with this baby. We have the BumGenius one size. I thought they were super easy to clean. Although it does create a bit more laundry. I only have 12 diapers so it seemed like I was constantly washing them.
    As far as the diaper bag goes I would go with something small. The last thing you want when lugging around possibly two babies in infant seats is to have to carry a big bag too. I always make the mistake of buying a big bag and by the time the the baby is a month old I am already buying a smaller bag because I am tired of lugging it everywhere. Plus if you are nursing all you will really need to take is diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.
    Good luck registering!! It can be a bit overwhelming!

  8. We cloth diaper and love it. We use BumGenius 2.0s. For the first six months (before they start solids), when they're going through diapers the fastest, you can just throw the diapers poo and all in the washing machine. That may sound gross, but it's really not. Once you start solids, though, you do have to start scraping them, but you don't have to dunk and swish. We keep a cheap spatula by the toilet.

    I have a good friend who cloth diapered and exclusively pumped (long story) for her twins who are now 2. She blogs at

    I never pumped, so I can't say much about that.

    I found a great spacious purse at Kohl's that has been my diaper bag. I love that it doesn't look like a diaper bag, but it's got tons of room and pockets. My diaper bag/purse will close if I don't have it overstuffed, which is rare. I don't think it's that big of a deal. I personally don't think I'd want one with a flap because I like to just be able to reach in and grab whatever I need.

    So, there's my two cents!

  9. OK i wrote this whole post down answering questions....only for it to be gone

    - for a great jogging stroller - maternity franchise that I worked at for 6 months in Nashville. Learned QUITE a bit about practically everything during pregnancy (LOL- sometimes more than I wanted to know), you can get coupons and purchase clothes and many different things from them......
    -Medela- most sold and popular- well worth the $
    -Skip Hop rocks: both owners I worked with carried the Studio Tote (large enough and it looks like a purse)....the Messenger rocks too and is similar to the Dash, but more pockets and more versatile
    -Bethany does have some good posts about cloth diapering!
    You can save an average of 1200 dollars a year

  10. Brooke,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Madela!! I got the more expensive Medela Pump and Style- with the nice bag. I was able to get this one because of the nice Grandparents Fund, which helped us to pay for it. The bag is, in the end, not worth it. I have many, much cuter bags sitting around I'd rather use. But, bags aside I am in love with my pump. I still use it. I do not nurse Ella on my breast anymore, because about two months ago she already had nine teeth. (9 TEETH!! @ 9 months!!) After she chomped and bit my breasts to death and I bled (A LOT!)-I have just pumped for the last month and a half. And I do pump. I still pump six times a day at home and at work and I am so proud of myself for breastfeeding her for so long... and then to still be able to give her breast milk when she is almost 11 months old. I didn't even know back in the beginning, if I would make it one week breastfeeding. It has been a very difficult physical and emotional experience, but also so freaking rewarding. I had to take it so very ONE DAY AT A TIME... :) The only thing I now wish I would have done differently is buy the newer nipple cup (not the technical name I am sure) that is even more like the motion of the actual baby sucking. I am sure a lactation consultant or someone who works in a baby store can help you with that.

    We have a Cloumbia backpack style diaper bag that I love. It is not cute. It work though. Sometimes I wish I had a cute bag with lots of pockest, but then my husband might not like to carry it as much as he does! ;)

    As for the other things, I can not share much experience. I do know when I have my next I want to use cloth diapers. I wonder if I can get my husband to agree to that?!

  11. Well, you know I had to comment because I just love talking all things baby!! :) Adam is about to die to get a jogger, and has researched it quite a bit. I have been running w/our Chicco, which is not good. That stroller has held up through so much though. Anyway, everyone has recommended BOB, but through research Adam has said he feels the Schwinn is just as good for a better price. That's Addy's advice-for what it's worth. :) My friend has a sewing business and sent me lots of reusable diapers-her website is LOOOOOVE our glider/rocker-whatever it is-that looks like an upholstered chair. We sink & snuggle down in it for books & just snuggle time. I plan on keeping it in her room as she grows. I would recommend a recliner or an ottamon to prop your feet on-we have a gliding ottamon. One thing I know for sure-Get a good breast pump-changed my world. The lactation consultants I worked with (A LOT!) recommended Medela. I got the double electric-worth every penny. I left a very rambling voicemail on your phone today, and now a very rambling comment on your blog. But it said if I leave a comment then you will like me, and I want you to still like me! :) Thinking of you and so excited for your upcoming adventures!! xoxo

  12. I agree with everyone above- Medela is the way to go and although they can be pricey, it is a great investment, especially if you think you are going to be breastfeeding/pumping for a while. I have had mine now for almost 5 years ( I have the Pump N Style Advanced, which was $300 when I bought it) and it has held up great. When I was still teaching after P and L were born, I pumped ALL (every 3 hrs) the time for 1+ year with each child. Def check out all the new attachments/accessories as I know those have been 'updated'...the soft/'personal fit' breastshields are really nice. Also, just another random thought in regards to saving $ and being eco-friendly- if you think you are going to need breast pads (which you may not really know until your milk comes in) I would look into cloth pads. For the longest time I used Lasinoh disposable which worked really well (except for the one time I leaked all over my shirt giving a presentation in grad school, good times!) but they get expensive. Anyway, I searched around on Etsy and found some for cheap and have held up really well after tons of washes.

  13. Just get a Medela won't regret it. One of the MANY, MANY perks is that you can pump right into the bottles when you go back to work (cuts down on A LOT of handwashing/sterilizing etc.!!!)

    Glider was (and still is) a MUST at our house. They seem to be pretty easy to sell on Craig's List is you decide to get a "nursery look" rather than permanent living room furniture.

    We tried a cloth diaper service when Noah was born. I liked it (no rinsing needed) but Tim preferred disposables so we ended up canceling after about 5 months. You will find that diaper covers can be quite cute and quite $$$. After comparing the total cost in our area, disposables were cheaper...

    Of the 2 diaper bags you linked, I'd go with the Duo...just based on ease of use. I ended up just buying big purses after I burned through 2 diaper bags. :)

  14. Medela pump-in-style is great, and pretty quiet which is nice. If you're going to continue working full-time, get a nice {read, expensive} pump. It will be worth it.

    That also goes for strollers. Maybe try to find a store {or talk to the Craigslist person} that will let you try it out a bit. You're a runner. Don't skimp. $650 is a lot, yes, but will it be worth it in 5 years? Only you can answer that question.

    Cloth diapers are great. Although I've been lazy lately and haven't been using them, I really do like them. I love love love Fuzzibunz, and have also used Bum Genius, and several others. I also recoomend Kelly's Closet. She gives a lot of free diapers out with a small purchase, and it will help you try new products. What I learned is that you need to try SEVERAL different brands before doing an all-out commit to just one. It depends a lot on your child's shape/size. My little guy has long skinny legs like his daddy, and a lot of diapers just weren't tight enough, and so I had lots of leaks. One of those that I had this problem with is G diapers. I loved those, and frankly the swishing really isn't that bad, plus they're more like a disposable, but they weren't tight enough around his legs! If you want to try one, or even just look at it "in person" I'd be happy to send you a couple with inserts, because I have a ton that I didn't get to use. Just let me know!

  15. Brooke,
    I have an upholstered glider and ottoman from Babies-R-Us. It was not cheap but I LOVE IT!!!! I don't know what I'd have done without it. There were many nights that I ended up sleeping in the chair due to munchkin's inability to stay asleep while being laid down. It is a tan microfiber and looks like a normal chair.
    We cloth diaper and it is incredibly easy! We use BumGenius 3.0 but I'm getting ready to add some 4.0 to our stash with baby #2. I have a diaper sprayer attached to the toilet that they sell online (it's really easy to attach) and you just spray the solid poo into the toilet. I keep a trash can with a flip top lid that opens with a foot pedal in the laundry room or in the bathroom (depending on where munchkin is allowed access) and throw it in there. The pee diapers don't stink at all and I wash them every couple of days. But I also only have enough for about a 2 day supply. Right now it may seem a little gross but it's no where near as gross as it seems, I promise! O and we use disposable diapers at night as cloth don't really keep them dry all night long.
    I have the Vera Bradley diaper bag and love it. For one baby it can be a little big if you're going to use disposables out and about but if you take cloth with you you'll need a big one and for two, well I'll let you know in a few more months how well it works. One nice thing about a large diaper bag is it can hold my stuff too. I throw my wallet, a medication bag, my phone and a ton of other stuff in there and I only have to tote one bag instead of two. Also I have a smaller diaper bag I occasionally use, it depends on my mood and if I'm taking cloth or disposables out of the house with me.


  16. First, let me say that my youngest son, now 5 is Finn, so totally love your pick! I thought I needed a lot of stuff with my first baby, by number 3, I found we needed and did fine with much less. Babies love to be rocked and my aunt's old fashioned rocking chair did the trick fine! Cloth diapers sound great, but are a hassle espec, if you are on the go a lot, Maybe use disposable til he is older, and is pooping and peeing less. Also, less diapers to clean, means more time with baby :) Had a fancy diaper bag with all the compartments, but with my 3rd used a big tote that zipped shut and loved it more, was more comfortable to carry. The thing I would focus on the most is car seat, they are always changing and some get recalled.Don't use someone else's cause, last year's model may already have a flaw in it. I had a noah's basket with handles, that I carried my youngest in and loved it, I could even put it in the bed with us and he was safe in his own space but then I could just reach over and get him out,to nurse in middle of the night.....the downside, He's 5 and still in our bed...oh well, either that is helpful to you or a cautionary tale:)

  17. 1. Medela is great- I used a Pump in Style. Definitely do 2-sided, and make your own handsfree pumping bra by using a cheap or old sports bra and cutting holes in the front.

    4. Cloth Diapers- We used cloth for the first few months while I was staying at home. We used Bum Genius one size and really liked it. However, once I went back to school the switching between disposables and cloth got annoying and I found myself barely ever using cloth anymore so we switched to Target brand (Up&Up) disposables and they have been fabulous. Cloth is definitely worth a shot if you will be staying at home and/or have a baby-sitter who will do them. With 2 babies in diapers it might be a little more than I could handle though, not sure how that would affect my thoughts :)

    5. Diaper bags- the bane of my existence ;) Jude is over 2 years old and I still haven't really had a diaper bag I've loved! Sigh.

    Good luck with all these FUN decisions!!

  18. 1. rent a pump to start. I rented for 3 months with Zoe before I got my Medela pump in style. I have a lot of friends who bought or registered for a pump, then they decided that pumping was more work than they wanted. And the hospital pumps are amazing.

    2. Get a nice chair that you like and can use later. Ours is an overstuffed chair, but it rocks and has a rocking ottoman. So cozy.

    3. A nice stroller is worth the cost. Also think about getting something small for trips to the grocery store, mall, travel. Jogging strollers take up a lot of space in the car.

    4. If you decide to try cloth, let me know. I have some stuff I can send you. We started with Zoe when she was about 10 weeks old (I intended to start sooner, but I wasn't expecting her to come home under 5lbs). Wyatt is also using cloth. Saves a lot of money even though it has been more part time with Wyatt.

    5. Diaper bags - love my JJ Cole, but it is smaller than I think you would want. I use it with both kids, but I am a minimalist. We also keep a stocked cubby in the car. Diapers, wipes, sunscreen, disposable bibs and for Wyatt, a change of clothes. Usually when I am just running a short errand I don't take the bag at all. With a 2 year old and a 7 month old, the bag would just be too much.

    6. Unsolicited advice: Car seats. Get one that you find easy to use. You have to use it constantly and for longer than most if not all baby equipment. I love our Chicco Keyfit 30. It is an amazing bucket. Remember that car seats expire based on date of manufacture. Height and weight limits are important. Make sure whatever you get fits in your vehicle. Some stores will let you take the floor models out to your car with an employee to see how they fit. Just ask. Find one with an easy install. I wouldn't register for a convertible car seat. Just buy it when he is ready. We have a Britax Marathon and an Evenflo Momentum. I like them both.

  19. I took a Bob Dualie for a stroll this week with a 16 month old and a newborn. Hello heaven. We were on broken paved sidewalks in a hilly neighborhood and I was able to maneuver easily. I took the 16 month in the single for a run later and was surprised at how similarly weighted the Dualie was to the single.

    I'm still working on Phil. He keeps telling me to just strap the baby on and go for a jog, but if I manage to convince him of the impracticality of that we've got the Bob on our list. I had ruled it out because of price until I used them this week with my niece and nephew.

    Look for the few remaining closeouts from last year's model for deals...they are usually significantly discounted. I think my sister's Dualie was around $400.00 in Jan. from one of the big box retailer's online sites.

  20. Brooke- Haven't noticed anyone on here suggesting that you look on Craig's list for a USED breast pump. As long as you replace the parts that touch the milk, there is NO need to buy a brand new one unless you just want to. Mine was a Medela, bought off of Craig's list for $65. It is old (probably 5 or 6) but works just as well. And the girl that I bought it from ALSO bought it used. So.. great savings there. I know, lots of advice. Go with your gut. Talk to your friends who may be finished with their's. I'd GIVE you mine, but have already promised it to another new mom. She's due in June so if it doesn't work for her, its all yours! Good luck!

  21. I have breastfed my son for almost 6 months and use a Medela. It is a hospital grade Lactina that I got from the breasfeeding coalition in my town. I would look into that so you won't have to pay $350 for it and it can go towards the stroller that you want!

  22. I just wrote out this long thing and explained everything I was thinking and it got erased!!
    Here's what you want:
    Medela double pump (any style)
    Medela Harmoney Hand pump - often I got more milk with this and it is quieter and easier to take with you, no batteries or plug needed and is a one handed hand pump. with my last son, I was also pumping for a friend whose baby was the same age and she was going through Chemo - I preferred the hand pump many days.
    Bum Genius all in one cloth dipaers (the ONLY way to go, I've tried a bunch!) - grow with baby, it doesn't matter if you don't have a wash sink, keep the dry pail near the toilet and just dunk it in toilet and toss in pail. only problem is they might be too big the first month or two so I usually use disposables until they fit better...and until I'm not so tired! AND if you go cloth, get a few wet bags. They are NOT all the same, you want the Mommy's Touch ones. They are the only ones I've found that don't leak! I even use them for the kids' swim lessons and the medium one holds all our soaking wet suits without leaking on anything in the bag!
    Don't let all these decisions overwhelm you... you can do all the research and opinion polls you want and you may find that what worked for some won't work for you and Finn. Trust your mother's instinct and just know that if you don't like something, you can change it! I'm so excited for you to be at this fun part of shopping and registering!

  23. It looks like you have lots of good advice already, but thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth:

    I personally wouldn't spend too much money on a breastpump. We have a 10 yr old shared one that keeps getting passed around between my group of friends. Some moms end up using it a lot, I never did. Baby always either came with me or I'd time a feeding right before leaving and come back to baby before it was time for the next.

    I'm thinking about trying cloth again with Jon. Have used a random system before with all of my kids, but wouldn't recommend it.

    We have a Relax R Glider. I love it. It glides, swivels, and fully reclines. Unfortunately I don't think that company is around any more, but I'm sure there's something like it out there. It is by far my preferred place to sit to nurse, or just about anything.

    Most of the moms that I'm friends with have the Lands End Do-It-All diaper bag (there's about at least 7 of us). It's not much on style, but it's so functional! It opens like a dr's bag, nice and wide so you can find all those little items easily (I think back-pack styles are the worse for this). It has lots of pockets, inside and out. It has two pockets on the outside that fit baby bottles and/or water bottles for bigger kids and mom.

    One thing that you didn't mention having questions about, but is certainly a very nice thing to have is a baby carrier (I wish I had had it for my first three - we got it when my 3rd was 11 months). The Pikkolo by CatBird Baby is super nice structured carrier. It allows baby to be worn on the front, inward facing and outward (Ergo baby is only in), on the hip, or on the back.

    Hope you don't get too overwhelmed as you register. I remember how lost I felt in the aisle of 100 types of bottles.

  24. So I stumbled on your blog looking for a cloth diaper detergent that a friend recommended to me. Congrats on the coming addition! I didn't try cloth diapers until my 3rd was 4 months old. I love them! I occasionally go back to disposables on long trips & am always glad to get home to our cloth stash. Just like with disposables, different diapers are going to work better for different babies. I personally have found that elastic on the front works better for girls & elastic on the back works better for boys. I did a diaper trial last summer and wrote about all the diapers I tried here:

    I've breastfed 3 children for 12 months+ each. If you're staying home full time, a hand pump may be sufficient. Working moms definitely would benefit from a more high end electric pump.

    Ditto to Jenn's comment about a carrier! It took me three babies to finally fine a great one. MOBY is awesome!! MOBY is so versatile & one of the few that really support a newborn's head and is easy to nurse in. A mei tai type carrier like Jenn suggested is also great.

    Good luck!