Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adoption is Inspiring...

Cooper Hashakimana Allen from jessica taylor on Vimeo.

My sweet friend Hayley (who is a long lost sister I met when I went to live in Macedonia with Campus Crusade for Christ the summer after college) introduced me to her pastor when I went to see her in November.  She lives in Austin, TX.  She and I have VERY similar hearts (and senses of style, for that matter).  She introduced me to her pastor.  He and his family were about to go get their little boy from Rwanda.  I was grieving the loss of Briar at the time, but  was already in the process of adopting ELI. I feel so thankful to have watched this tonight.  So, so, so neat to watch this video.  I sobbed through most of it.  I am hormonal. :)

Jessica Flynn...start saving up...I think we need our moments captured.  Buy a tshirt so we can have our moments captured, people :)  

On another note...

Please pray for my friend Priscilla.  She is another BLM who has had several losses....she is 34 weeks pregnant with little Samuel.  THey are inducing her next week.  Her last baby, Olivia, was lost for no reason at 36 weeks...(no cord accident...just passed away...)  So they have been getting steroid shots for several weeks (months?) to prepare his lungs.  I am praying hard for June.1.  One week from today, they will do an amnio and probably induce.  Praying for a joyous, healthy moment for their family!! Please join me in praying for them.  Their journey has been tough...and I am just praying the Lord would reward their faithfulness.

And yet another note...

Please be warned. If I take your pictures during might take me a while to edit.  In fact, I suppose I cannot guarantee my speed with small children in the house either :)  Poor Shanda has been waiting several weeks for these photos. And look how I tortured poor, sweet Isabel while trying to take these...


I tried to take some more pictures of EMMA JANE she was born ONE YEAR AGO tomorrow. She wasn't as excited as we were about the pics. Nor the cake, but we still got some cute ones.

Here are a couple we grabbed outside of church on mother's day..ej got dedicated that day!  I was wishing Briar were there too...but it was super special and I loved watching this girl...who I saw minutes after she was her grown up teeth to me... :)

Last day of school tomorrow with kids. I better go get pumped up :)  It is very bittersweet to leave them :)

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  1. NO KIDDING I'M SAVING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps....before i forget....i need t-shirts. 4 please :) maybe 6....evie and hugo informed me they want to be supportive too :) :)