Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday is Totally Awesome...

Wow, do you see me reaching hard for a title today? It just wasn't coming :)

I'm pumped for today. It is short day at school. And I already worked out and had my espresso.

Last night I was feeling like I had no time.  Somehow, my nights don't have much time in them. Or I could reword: Somehow I totally overcommit myself to life every season...and then I realize it after the fact.  Yep, that sounds better.

I've been doing some adoption training online called "Hague training". To be honest, it is a little scary, talking about many of the challenges that will come with adoption along with the procedures. I do feel like I am learning A TON which is fun. Yesterday I got two sets of fingerprints for the adoption. Very in-efficient. I had to go one place and get electronic fingerprints to send to the FBI and then they sent me another place to get an actual print of them. (Do you know that when you get a fingerprint card now...it is just done electronically on a screen and then they print it out and it looks JUST like the old school "rub your finger on the ink pad" kind of fingerprints?? Crazy what they can do these days...<---insert my old lady self right here...)  Anyway, then I go to the other place I was directed to go and walked up to the counter. I told the police man i was sent there to get fingerprints.  He handed me a piece of paper, and told me "Lick you thumb and put it on here..".  Well, he was a police man, so I wasn't sure if I should take him seriously or not.

Gullible Gullible Gullible...that is what i am...

So I lifted my hand up to lick my thumb and then pulled it back down and gave him a look.....and he burst out laughing.  I laughed too, and so did all the other policemen.  He said, "It's like Mayberry".  And I wanted to give him a nice piece of my mind, "Yeah, well all these break ins near my house aren't quite like Mayberry..." but I decided to just play along.  SO anyway, they sent me on my way to the government center where I ran into every person who lives in Columbus.  Apparently, the mayor was being innagurated yesterday afternoon and I happened to be lucky enough to go to the SAME building at the SAME time. Lucky, eh?  So, after juggling some fun elevator traffic, I finally get up to the room for fingerprints. I talk to a sherrif and he looks at me like I'm a freak when I ask him for fingerprints. I pay him and walk over to the fingerprint guy, who looks at me as if I just shot his mom.  I did nothing except walk in.  He just walked up to me , reached around me, and shut the door.  He did not say a word. SUPER AKWARD.  Then I told him it was for an adoption and he said, "We don't do adoptions" (insert stone cold face)...and I laughed, thinking that he was giving me a hard time.  I quickly noticed that he was not laughing...just staring at me....

Well, eventually I got the crabby pants to give me what I needed and I was on my way.

And that was my Monday!  Then I went to the park and did a triathlon training group.  4 miles. 8 and a half minutes pace. I am used to running (recently) about a 9-10 minute pace, so this kicked my booty.  But I did it.  And since I did power class yesterday morning, my arms felt like lead weights.

Then I came home and watched THE BACHELOR.  Oh gosh, such guilty pleasures.  Such trash, but every season, I am compelled to watch.  Don't judge me, okay?
Sorry to be so random, and tell you about my day, but I just wanted to share.
I made this fun little binder to hold all of our adoption stuff.
This is the back.  You can tell I recycle, because this is an old binder I was given a long time ago with first grade worsheets in it...See the upsdie down word "Money"....? It was worsheets on money...for first graders :)

Really, really love all of your Christmas cards.  They make me smile...and I can't take them down.  In fact, they might stay up year round. I might have to take a couple down and then rotate them through.  It is just such a good reminder to pray for friends, when I see their pictures every day!!

Oh and can you tell I'm busy? Because I don't mind posting mediocre, semi blurry pictures. Well, when you are strapped for time...guess what? This is the best I have at  the moment...

Today is our first day back in the classroom with kids. I am praying for mercy, that they will be kind and sweet and well behaved today.  Because I'm tired.  
HAPPY TUESDAY, my friends.

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  1. Happy Tuesday, Brooke! I love to read about your day. Wow, you have a lot going on! Love the pictures. :-)