Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photos for Adoption...

If you are wondering why you see random photo shoots popping up on facebook or maybe on my blog....

Let me tell you about something new for 2011.

I am NOT a professional photographer (yet). I am NOT an expert.  I AM learning. I DO shoot on manual mode, and try to find super fun, creative ways to capture everday life.  I am not perfect.  I am all about capturing MOMENTS.  I am not ready to begin a photography business. I work full time as a teacher.

But I am raising money for an adoption.  We just sent in our first $2500 fee to the agency. Plus I paid $900 yesterday for the first part of the homestudy.  Another $900 will be paid on Monday.  I will owe another $2500 before I know it.  Although our adoption fund is building, I decided we need another way to raise money.  We are still waiting on the money that will come from our sweet Briar's life (the Army gives a $10,000 life insurance for children lost, which includes babies lost after 20 weeks).  The overall cost of the adoption is estimated around $30,000.  That is a big chunk! :)

Since photography is another passion of mine (along with working out, crafting, baking, etc.)....I thought that I could use it for good!  Everyone loves family pictures, photos of the stage of life they are in right now. I LOVe capturing moments....from babies to seniors, families, or even just a random "I want some photos of myself" pictures :)  So if you live in Georgia or Alabama...near Columbus, GA....

And you're interested in booking some photos....

You get:
1-2 hours shooting time
1 location (or 2 if the second is walking distance)
2 outfits/ (1 change of clothing)

The only payment is a suggested donation to the adoption fund.  The suggested donation is $125 or more (it's a good cause....).  Most beginning photographers I know charge anywhere from $75-$200 PLUS photo prints.  Higher end photogs charge upwards of $500-$2000 (which is a 100% fair deal for their quality).  This is not a business, you will simply be donating to a great cause (bringing our boy home from Ethiopia) and you will get a CD full of 50 or so of the best images.

So, while I learn and decide if this is something I would like to pursue as a business in the future, I will continue to improve my skills on your family or child or dogs or...... and you will join our journey to bring home our son.  I would love to brainstorm a super fun idea for you! I would much rather capture you in a natural setting than in a totally forced awkwardly styled moment! (Ps. i have a tandem bike I am dying to try out with photos...)

If that sounds like fun to you...just contact me at brooke.whitis@gmail.com or just leave a comment. I will be shooting all year for sure.

Larger scale events will have a different price scale and will not always be accepted due to the OTHER JOB that I currently have full time.. Inquiries are welcome, however!


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  1. Brooke,

    You're pictures are right on par with some "professional" pictures that I've seen! I wish you were a little further north (we're in Norcross)!

    Kat (found you on the Faces blog)

  2. Oooohhh, please, please, please take some pictures of our family! We haven't had any pictures taken since we went from two to four. I would love for you to be the one to take them. :)

  3. For those of you reading this blog...Brooke took maternity pictures for me and pictures of my newborn baby at the hospital. My aunt commented, "What a great photographer you have!" She thought they were professional pics!! $125 is an AMAZING deal!! Unfortunately, I don't live near her anymore so I can't have her take our pictures. I recently had professional pictures taken and paid $250 for rights to the cd of pictures!! You will definitely feel like you had professional pictures taken-and she is so easy, creative and fun to work with!!

  4. I am interested in you changing the perimeters of this fund-raising....like to fun, cute and adorable girls with glasses who live in Ky??? I need some up to date pictures of her and I like YOUR STYLE best....and I want to help bring Briars bro home!

    Change those perimeters friend!!! haha.

  5. Danielle, just so you know...I am definitely considering coming up to Louisville just to photograph Greer Sweeney (and MEET HIM!!!), so maybe we can do some photos while we are there :) Your girl would be such a JOYYYYY to photograph. Love her!!!

  6. You do BEAUTIFUL work! Wish you all still lived in Lexington! :)

  7. Oh my gosh I would love that Brooke. Please call me!

  8. I love your pictures. I wish you were in Atlanta!

  9. Hope you don't mind, but I just posted you on FB. I think you are amazing and I KNOW that God will provide you with lots of willing models!!! So excited for 2011 and the Whitis's!