Friday, December 24, 2010

Since many of you have asked...

As I sit here, on vacation, I feel so stupid posting this.  To be honest, this has been a bittersweet vacation for me.  Don't get me wrong, we are having a GREAT time.  Having such a fun time with our family.  Loving spending quality time with them.  Isn't that the best gift we could ever give to one another?  The problem comes because we took a big vacation this year to Europe.  So I feel like we are being total cheapskates, while trying to enjoy such a kind gift from my in laws.  THey wanted to take us on a cruise for Christmas, so we are all here. (Are you jealous that they are my in laws? You should be! They are amazing and fun and generous!)  But as we save for our adoption, and our heart is so open to giving to our church, our hearts and minds have trouble spending money on fun things for us....when we have other convictions for the money this minute.  Are excursions or fun things wrong? NO!  Are vacations wrong? NOT AT ALL.  But I just feel guilty. Why do I get to have two fun vacations this year when others don't even get to eat?
As Christmas heart is with the needy this Christmas. I wish I could be providing for someone. Taking them Christmas dinner. I feel so POSH to be on vacation instead.  Sometimes we need to accept a kind gift. A sweet moment of GIVING......that we happen to be the recipients of. All of that being said...I am trying to relax and enjoy this time...knowing that it is hopefully our last "calm" christmas!! It is the last time we won't have kids to run after. That makes me smile!

Jenny and Calvin (my in laws) are so kind.  I love talking with them and Jerad and Alicia.  We have such a good time spending time together. In some ways, it is the best Christmas we have ever had.  Because we finally just stopped. And invested time in each other.  Usually during the holidays everything is so busy.  There is no time for anything....much less quality family time.  We have had a ton of awesome time together.  I would suggest it to any family.  I love spending time with people and not feeling guilty or like I should be going somewhere else.

Some of you have asked about donating to the adoption fund.  I am posting the chip in link.  It is also at the bottom of my blog for good.  This is an easy way to donate to our adoption fund. Pretty soon, we will have t-shirts and some other fund raisers. When I help others out, I'll be honest, I like to get something in return for my money. Is that horrible to say? Greedy? Well I said it. :) I'm the one raising money, so I'm allowed.

So, please don't feel weird or pressured by the presence of this. I simply wanted to put it out there.

Raising money is a hard thing. I think the thing I was always scared the Lord would call us to is a profession in which we raise our own support. We support 4 people/couples that are on staff with organizations like that.

Happy to have internet today, for a brief moment, at a coffee shop in Cozumel. So today, I want to wish you and your family an amazing Christmas, focused on the birth of our Lord....and the amazing life he has given us!

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