Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree..

I am feeling cheery, but not really "Christmas-y". When we sing Christmas carols, as we did at worship yesterday or at church on Sunday, I just don't connect. I don't know why! Maybe because I know we're going somewhere warm for Christmas! Maybe that leaves me feeling disconnected. Maybe it's all we've been through this year.  Maybe it's that Brandon and I decided not to buy each other Christmas presents. We decided that whatever we give each other has to be 'free'.  So, we'll see what we can do that is free...any ideas?? That I could implement on a cruise ship? 

It was funny the way things happened. I wasn't working (on maternity leave), our renters decided to trash our house and leave it mid month...leaving us with a very, very expensive mess to clean up.  We also still have that rental empty, so we are paying the upkeep and mortgage every month on it.  In addition to costs of Briar's cross and other expenses when someone passes away. 

And now it's Christmas.  And we have no money :) Sort of humbling. Sort of APPROPRIATE!!!!!!!! I kind of love it, and I kind of hate it.  It forces me to think of the REASON we celebrate Christmas.  It forces me to look to the Lord and say, "I trust you".  To say, "Christmas is not all about gifts".  To think, "Wow, we are so blessed, despite a tough circumstance...that is not really that tough".  We are doing some things for a sweet family we know who is going through hard times with four kids.  I think about if this happens next year when we very likely will have one or two adopted children...and maybe even another child naturally born to would be a lot tougher.  It could always be worse.

All in all, I would say we have it pretty good.

And here I wanted to write a post about how uninspired I am.  And now I feel inspired. Because I reminded MYSELF why we celebrate. And why we bother to do all this stuff anyway. 

So here is my uninspired Christmas:
I really had an awesome vision for what the tree would look like.  It was more funky.  Less traditional. But, this will looks beautiful sparkling in there when we get home at night!!

I originally put silver and green only....and it got swallowed by this tree. This tree has about 40 strings of lights on it.  It is HUGE and THICK.  I had to put some ribbon on it to make it pop.  I have a bow for the top, but I haven't gotten around to it, so we just have a star up there now :)

Presents wrapped. Can't wait to break out the wire ribbon and create some bows.

Presents can not live under the tree....those pesky dogs like to UNWRAP them before they are up on top of a table.  Not quite as cute...but more practical for sure!

Christmas cards on the wall :) Not too many have come. I am wondering if I am unloved, or if everyone is just as lazy as I am and hasn't sent theirs yet....:) haha!!

I almost cropped out the bottom, but then I decided to show you the "REALITY'.  My Christmas pillow is on it's side.  My dog took off her Christmas collar...and I have lights coming out of the window (my sweet window seat has a little tree in the window)....not quite perfect......AT ALL. :)



An engagement picture (October 2005) on a homemade ornament I sent to Brandon in Iraq during his first deployment for Christmas his little tiny Containerized Housing Unit....with his tiny little dollar store Christmas tree.


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  1. Brooke, come to my house and do that please :)

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful! Would you care to come to Missouri and decorate my house?

  3. Looks great!! I have got to get motivated to go decorate our tree! I am the opposite...just got our Christmas cards out, but haven't decorated yet! :)

  4. I have trouble getting in the Christimas spirit in warm climates! We were on a cruise for our first Christmas together. I even take along Christmas reading and it helps a little bit.