Friday, November 5, 2010


We own our own tandem bike, and it is AWESOME. But, if I could have this bike for my own...I would love it!!  I would take Bella riding around everywhere, don't you think she would be happy? I really do. I can see us cruising around now. It would be interesting. I would enjoy the weird looks, I think!  I have been visiting friends with cute pillows on their couches lately.  Guess why that matters...why I would even mention that? Because I cannot have cute pillows. Because every time. I buy them...sweet doggies eat them up.  Into a million pieces.  So for now...I will just admire other pillows. Maybe when I stay at home instead of work, I can invest...because the dogs will learn they can't get away with that stuff. :)

She might do this in the basket. And it would be really sweet. :)  
She might jump out of the basket to chase squirrels.
Oh Bella.

gray ric rac copy


  1. I just love your new blog! And your new signature...and the ric rac along the bottom-you think of everything! I need my creative friend here w/me~I am really itching to try so many things!! We could get lost on the computer w/some chocolate chip cookies. :) I miss you & your silly, cute dogs! I was telling Bella's story about the squirrel the other day. :)

  2. I love that bike too! And your pups are so adorable it isn't funny. Still getting together tomorrow for some more blog designin'? I'm ready to teach! :)