Friday, October 15, 2010

The Nook

Do you have a nook? Or a Kindle?

I just got a Nook for my birthday...and I'll tell you that I wasn't sure if I needed one.
I like to thumb through actual books. Especially my bible. I love those thin pages.

Don't mind the crooked verse. It's cute....even if it's crooked :)

But I played with it. And I LOVE IT!
It goes with me everywhere. If I'm waiting in line or bored somewhere, I can read by book!! It is much less distracting than getting out a big hardback book and flipping through the pages.
I am turning into one of those techie people that is always on something electronic.  I guess it's our culture.  When I have kids, I hope that I will not carry this around, because I want to be engaged in my kids and not in technology. I hope to model good things to them, as I don't want them on a psp or gameboy.  :) I know they're not called gameboys anymore. They are something like that...I should know, as every second grader has one and talks about them all the time.
I just finished my first book and I bought two more.
I love that if you are in Barnes and Noble you can read for FREE!
How awesome is that?
So last night we went there and I did. I read for free. The book RADICAL.  Which I'm sure will take a post of it's own. I only read the first chapter.  The Dean of Dallas Theological Seminary said that it's not a book that you will want to keep reading, because it will convict you.  You WILL want to put it down.

Does anyone else have a Nook? You can share books. I would like to share.  I will share mine with you, if you want to share back with me.  You can share for 14 days.  That sounds fun, right?

I wonder what technology will be like when my kids are in second grade.  If it's already at this point now.  My second graders know all kinds of things about powerpoint and microsoft word.  They can type better than some of you :)  It is pretty wild.

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  1. Matt has a Nook which I have taken over the last month reading different books that he had already on there. I love it!
    and I think they are Nintendo DS that are so popular now.

  2. I have a Kindle and it is attached to me! Joe bought it for Valentine's Day for me-my head is always buried in a book-I will literally read the ketchup bottle at the dinner table! I don't take it with me when my kids are with me, for fear of becoming engrossed in a book and missing some little moment of awesomeness! Congrats on the e-reader, and yes they are very tech savvy!