Monday, September 6, 2010


I am so excited to go back to work tomorrow.
I will be tired.
I will be hurting.
BUT, my best bud Rebecca will be back at school after her maternity leave.  It will be a tough day for her. I plan to try to love her and encourage her. And do a little jig that we are both back in second grade...
I go back to the doctor Wednesday.
That could be a day that makes things real for us.
Or not.
But as it becomes inevitable that things are drawing to a close in this chapter, I find my grief coming back to the surface.  Where before I could see little boy shoes without tearing up, there are no guarantees right now.  Brandon (he's leaving his super secret job, so I refuse to continue to call him AG...although I might go back now and then)  and I are talking about his "Life Celebration" (aka. memorial) and that is challenging.
We listened to a song our friend Kathryn suggested we might like for the service.
It is called "Glory Baby" by watermark.  A friend recently posted it on her blog too.
I downloaded it today from I-tunes to see if we would like it.
I will just say that Brandon and I were hugging by the end of the song.  When we began, we were halfway done with dinner.
The same sweet friend, Kathryn, made us a blanket for Briar from ADORABLE Amy Butler fabric.  She put a little patch on it that says, "Briar, Let sweet Jesus hold you 'til Mom and Dad can hold you.  Love, KM"  It made both B and I cry when we saw it...

When we listened to the song today, it said the same thing.  Let me just say it moved us.  We loved it.
But it is becoming so real, what we are about to face.  When B prayed for our meal tonight, he prayed for our upcoming week, that the Lord would prepare us for what is coming, etc.  I don't know how you prepare to say goodbye.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

I am so thankful for the promises we have to cling to.  Also, knowing his life is so precious and will be spent in is SO special to us.


  1. That blanket is amazing..what a sweet dear you B+B..praying for yall

  2. Hi Brooke. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Thanks for sharing your story and sweet baby Briar with me. I know that little boy is SO loved. I am praying right now that you would experience the indescribable peace and comfort that only comes from our Father as you continue through the end of your pregnancy. I pray that each and every second the Lord gives you with your baby boy will be so sweet. A friend sang Glory Baby at Cora's memorial service...the words in that song are so true. And I love your maternity pictures!! Keep clinging to Him!

  3. Brooke, we are praying for you and Brandon. Love you so much.

  4. Can't get you off my mind. Praying for you, Jesus loves your Briar so much!
    Love and Prayers,
    Susie and Dickie Gotcher

  5. We have had you guys in the tops of our minds during this journey you have shared with all of us. Praying for you, Brandon and sweet Briar today. Much love from the both of us.