Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving Along

It was a crazy weekend. I mean wild. I started Wednesday with the doctor.
Drove all night Wednesday night to DC. Woke up after sleeping on the van to go to the funeral at Arlington.
It was really special. Very sad. But very meaningful.

I felt like I really bonded with some of our ladies.  We are all dealing with this together. It is not always easy or fun. But we're all in it.
Then I flew from there to Minneapolis to meet my mom and we drove to my grandma, about two hours away. We spent Saturday with her, hanging out, driving around my mom's hometown, and eating greasy (amazing) cheeseburgers and homemade rootbeer floats.
By homemade, I mean the rootbeer is homemade. 
This place is super special. And amazingly yummy if you are preggo, or not. Normal me doesn't really eat like this...but I suppose it's okay...
It was worth it :)
So I got on the airplane, returning home from my whirlwind trip...and I made a fool of myself.  I had previously been in all EXIT rows, which I loved. On my return flight I was caught up talking to my friend Nat at the airport (who was my roommate in college I hadn't seen in two years!) so I went through security with exactly 30 minutes to spare. I am very efficient, so I knew I would have no problems. The security guy even said, "Oh, you've done this before". I smugly thought, "yes, that's right, wave me through please.."
Immediately following this self righteous thinking, they began asking, "Whose bag is this??  Ma'am, what kind of large liquids do you have?"  Of course I begin telling them I would never bring large liquids, etc.  They don't believe me and they take me over to a special area to search.  It turns out they find two large candles my grandma gave me.  Not liquid.  I wanted to say, "See! I told you!". But instead i cooperated, afraid I would miss my flight! 
When I finally ran onto the plane (the last one to board), first I had to play the pregnant card...asking some nice guy to please lift my bag into the overhead bin because I am preggo. I overpacked on the way I needed help lifting. Whoops. Wimpy! I did not plan on doing this in front of the whole plane of seated people, I planned on doing it secretly as I entered. So much for that plan.
I finally get rid of the bag and race to the back of the plane. As I scoot into my seat, not looking, but assuming my mom put me in an EXIT row again, I say to the (MALE, YOUNG) flight attendant, "I am willing and able to do anything you want me to do".  I said this because I know they usually brief the exit row and make sure you are willing and able to sit there. But, not sitting in an exit row, this just sounded creepy and scary.  I cringe thinking of it now. I tried to explain to this fellow that I thought I was in an exit row, and it just got more awkward from there, if you can imagine.
But I'm home.
I survived Monday at school.
I hope you are having a great week!!



  1. Reading about your conversation with the flight attendant has me cracking up!!! Glad you're home. Keeping the 3 of you in my prayers!!!!


  2. I'm laughing so hard! funny!

  3. You are hilarious! I can just see you through all of this and it makes me smile and love you even more !:)