Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Musings..

Spring just makes me want to do this.  Although I don't have the energy. So I just think about it :) 
I am continuing the super tired game. I swear I laid around about 85% of the weekend. No joke. And I still don't feel rested and ready for work. But I am loving this. Loving the work my body is doing. Hoping and praying that the little bean is healthy. It's hard to believe it is when I can't see it, feel it, touch it, etc. I suppose that is where FAITH comes in.  (What is seen is temporary, what is unseen is eternal..2 COR 4:18)
I'll be praying that for myself this week.
Also praying for my grandma who goes back to the hospital (MAYO CLINIC) to check on her cancer. She was supposed to go back in February, but as he put it, "I was having too much fun in California, and I'm sure this is fine. It's close enough to February". Sometimes I think I get my laid back self from her. So if you get annoyed with that part of me, just talk to Mimi.

Don't you believe this? If I could just love...
I wish i could tell you where I found these pics...
I really don't remember. I was just having fun. Some of them are linked here.  That is where I put fun stuff I don't know what to do with..

This picture just makes me think of this song. Which I love singing SUPER loud in my house. or at church. Probably nicer if I just stick to home, since my voice is so bad. I sing so loud, but I sit up close by the speakers so it will drown me out. The only time people hear me is when I am caught singing the wrong words at the wrong time. So you hear my scratchy madness, super loud.

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