Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't let my husband near your children.

I can't even explain to you how horrible this moment was. Well, maybe not horrible, but HORRIBLY EMBARRASING!! My husband is a joker. He likes to make slightly inappropriate comments and jokes. He is also a very Godly, loving man. But with the story you're about to hear, you might not believe me. You might think he's a weirdo. Don't judge him :)
Okay, so it began with some simple crafting and hanging out.  My friend Jess dropped by with her sweet (almost) two year old and her little four month old, Caedemon.  Last time we hung out with them, he was only three weeks old.  (Is he five months? ...I don't know, but he's a big boy)
We were all just joking around and sweet AG just decided to joke around like he was going to breastfeed this baby.  He lifted up his shirt and everything.  I was there asking him to please stop...because it was inappropriate.  Luckily, we have embarrased ourselves in front of these particular friends many times. So, this was no shock to them.
They still come around.
He held the baby up and kept asking a friend to take a picture.  Well, as suddenly as the statement was made (and the baby is held near his naked chest), we hear AG yelp.  He then repeats over and over, "he latched, he latched!". 
What else does a little baby do when you put them up to your bare chest? GEEZ!
(I know, you are judging him...thinking what kind of weirdo would do that?? I don't know guys, but I married him!)
So, as you can see in these pictures....he thought it was hilarious. I think it was the highlight of his night.  And then there is me in the background, continuing to craft away. Trying to decide if it would be appropriate to bang my hubby over the head or run out the front door :)


The poor baby is scarred for life. Look at him. 
Luckily these people still like us.
I don't know why I am sharing this moment so publicly. Maybe it will make you laugh as hard as my hubby, because I don't k now if I've ever seen him laugh so hard. :)




  1. Holy cow!

    Our husbands should hang out!

  2. Oh Brooke, I can see it all now. I bet it was hysterical! Only knowing B does it seem very funny...another guy, maybe not so much. TOO, TOO FUNNY!

  3. um i'm laughing so hard i have tears in my eyes. that is so something my husband would do. hahahhahahahhahahaha!

  4. Totally scarred after reading that. Donny still hasn't said anything.

    Is this what our hard work at UK amounts to? Love y'all. And yes...we'll be keeping our kids at arms least for a while. :)

  5. Hold onto those moments B - his joy is priceless!

  6. may i just say that i am this babies MAMA. and i have never laughed so hard EITHER. oh my word....poor caedmon and his inappropriate uncle. {who we think is a rockstar...}

    and what do i get for not checking blogs very often? missing this hilarious post A YEAR AGO. thank you for "link within". i never realized there were PHOTOS! just wait till i show grant....

    love you friend. :)