Sunday, December 27, 2009

4 years ago...

I married my best friend. Lucky me. He is wonderful. He makes me laugh. He is a comforter. He is a warrior. He is a great person. He is a man of God. He is not afraid to talk about his faith. He is not afraid to tell others who he is. He stands up for our family. He is a spiritual leader of our household. He loves kids. He takes care of our dogs like they are kids :) He is so sweet to those around him. He challenges me. He is a great snuggler. He knows how to affirm and validate me SO WELL. He encourages me. He is the best kitchen cleaner around. He is the master fixer in our home. He deals with my craftiness so well. He supports me in all my crazy endeavors. He loves me. He loves the Lord more. I could go on for hours....but I'm sure you're bored already.
I am so thankful I was able to marry this man on HIS birthday, December 23rd.
As we prepare for a friend's wedding today...also a military wedding...I wanted to praise God for the good he has done in and through us....because that is what our marriage is...a reflection of our relationship with our savior.

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  1. CUTEST kid i know! :) while i'm still thinking about it, if you're ever interested in watching some photography videos, you should check out

    he's a little cooky, but i've learned a lot from him! and each of his videos is like 10 minutes long, so you don't have to devote much time to any given topic. good stuff. miss you!