Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have you ever seen this guy? Mark Driscoll is pretty great. You'll have to bookmark this when you have a moment to watch this. My sweet friends, Katie and Aaron, turned me on to him. (They are adorable and getting married December 27 in Lexington!) You can find Aaron mentioned (quoted, actually) here. Okay, back to Mark Driscoll. He is challenging, REAL, and funny. He doesn't mess around. I like that. This "Peasant Princess" is the women's version or message on Song of Solomon.

So, I was going to post today about these ADORABLE (no, really. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E) Turkey cake pops (inspired by Bakerella) that I made to take to my FRG (more later about WHAT FRG case you are non military) meeting last night. I'll admit it. This picture is not my own. It is what Bakerella's looked like. But mine were just as cute. I use brighter candycorn because I couldn't find caramel, and they were in cupcake cups instead of on pops. But other than that...they were the same....and SO CUTE. Do you want to know why I couldn't show you pictures and blog about them? Get ready, you might cry. Well, you won't. But I wanted to.

I got out of the car, hands full as always. In my hands were a purse, an FRG bag, a plate of brownies, cups, a tray of fruit and a tray of turkey cake pops. I should have known better. WAY TOO MUCH! But I am WOMAN (i declared in my head). I made it one step. ONE. Suddenly I began to lose my balance and I regain. But guess what does not regain it's balance? MY TRAY OF TURKEYS!!! It was slow motion as they fell and clattered onto the black asphalt of the parking lot. I seriously could have cried. Or fallen onto my knees and shouted "NOOOOOOO!!". Do you know how much work it took to achieve such cuteness?? There were three un-affected. You better believe I took those three inside to be enjoyed. Soon after I arrived and had my accident, a car pulled up and ran over the remaining turkeys on the ground. It was a sad moment. NOw you know why I couldn't post about the amazing process. I was just too sad. I think I'm over it now.

Off to watch my hubby play in a TURKEY BOWL football game. Officers VS. NCOS. It is played with a personal vendetta against the officers. Should be fun. I hope AG doesn't come home injured!. :)

Happy pre-turkey day!

If you are a biggest loser fan, they are bringing back fan favorites for a 'special' on tonight, FYI!

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