Saturday, August 8, 2009


So I started school, and I LOVE IT. 2nd graders just have the best way with words. I mean, do you need some encouragement? GO meet some second graders. They will compliment your hair, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you told htem to sit down.......such a blessing!!

So, I found some cute things this week...Don't you love these boots?

Oh, and I am a secret (well, not so secret anymore) blog stalker. I read many blogs of random people who have never met me, but I find them. Poor them. Here is one of my daily reads....
and another...which inspired me to try this recipe, right away!!!!''

This summer gave me way too much free time, which then allowed me to find ETSY, which is amazing. I bought a cute purse and camera strap cover (although a friend made one for free first) and now I really like these prints and these cards. I know the cards are for moms. But I'm not a mom, I'm a teacher. But they're cute! But I can find them cheaper, I just like the idea of them.

And then there is this blog. In a world full of meanies (I don't mean it, really) this girl is standing up for nice-ness. Way to go. I like it.

Happy Saturday!

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